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Whitening Treatment
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
At the frontier of cosmetic and dermatology, AXIALYS performance-driven formulations provide fast, measurable and visible results. Their efficacy and safety are proven by clinical trials.

Today’s consumers want more from their skin care treatment: they demand fast and visible results with total safety.

The efficacy of a formulation arises from the way actives are delivered rather than the actives alone. Indeed, emulsion IS THE delivery system since it is the most commonly used vehicle promoting the delivery of active compounds into the skin.

Using our know-how in targeted delivery and focusing on efficacy rather than sensorial benefits or marketing stories, AXIALYS has engineered high performance skin care formulations.

AXIALYS skin care products are different because:
The formulation is totally optimized as a vehicle for the active ingredients
The products’ efficacy and safety have been proven by clinical trials
Their efficacy is spectacular and can be easily demonstrated to the consumer

Our formulations are provided as finished products in bulk (25 kg drum).

Their performance is optimal when used by trained professionals.

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