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Whitening Treatment
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
Total Performance Whitening
Pigmentation or skin darkening results from the accumulation of a dark pigment called melanin in the outer layers of the epidermis. UV rays initiate the synthesis of melanin in the epidermal melanocytes by a complex oxidation mechanism involving inflammatory messenges, free radicals, and different enzymes. The melanin produced in the basal layers of the epidermis is then transferred by to the upper surface of the epidermis following the 28 days cycle.
Total performance whitening combines 3 synergic steps:
Exfoliation of the existing melanine with Intelli-Scrub™
Inhibition of the formation of the melanin
Protection from UV
It provides immediate superficial whitening thanks to Intelli-Scrub™ and a longer lasting effect after 28 days as demonstrated by a clinical trials.
Whitening effect after 1 month:
Reduction of visual marks : 29%
Whitening effect : 37%
Microrelief smoothed at 80%

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